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Sun exposure recommendations

Sun exposure recommendations



Especially in childhood, protective measures should be strictly taken.

Use non-perfumed, high protection sunscreen covering the spectrum UVA and UVB, even on cloudy days.

The cream should be applied at least 30 minutes before sun exposure and repeat application frequently, (approximately every 2 hours), or after swimming or playing sports.

Application should not be forgotten on the neck, groin, earlobes and lips. In some cases the use of physical filters may be necessary.

The index or protection factor of creams gives us an idea of the time that we may be exposed to the sun without risk of burning.

The need of protection depends on the skin type of each person. The lower your skin phototype (the whiter skin is), the greater must be the protection factor used.

The minimum recommended sun protection factor is 15. People with type I and II skin, those with photosensitivity disease or who have suffered skin cancer, will use sun protection of at least 50.

Phototype Skin color  Response to sun exposure
I Pale white  No tanning. Easy sunburn
II White  Difficult tanning. Easy sunburn
III White  Tanning after solar erythema
IV Golden  Easy tan
V Brown  Easy tan
VI Black  Darkens

If you are taking any medication, you should consult with your doctor or pharmacist. Some drugs induce photosensitivity reactions.

Also avoid the use of perfumes before sun exposure.

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