Egg allergy recommendations



Raw egg or cooked in any form.



  • Sweets, meringues, ice cream, smoothies, nougat, puddings, creams, candies, candy, …
  • Pastries and cakes: sponges, cupcakes, biscuits (cookies), cakes, …
  • Pastries, pies, pasties, …
  • Sauces (mayonnaise), gelatin.
  • Some breakfast cereals.
  • Egg pasta, battered or breaded foods, …
  • Cold meats, sausages, pates.
  • You can find eggs or egg proteins in bakery products, pastries, dumplings with glaze, breadcrumbs, pastas, meats, pates, sausages, egg substitutes, ice cream, candy, cheese, gelatin, broth, soups, some margarines, sauces (mayonnaise, …).
  • Cream coffees (cappuccino …) and also some wines (which are clarified with egg white).
  • Egg proteins may appear on food labels as albumin, coagulation agent, emulsifier, globulin, pasteurized egg, lecithin (unless from soya bean), livetin, lysozyme, ovalbumin, ovomucin, ovomucoid, ovovitellin, silici albuminate, vitellin, E-161b (lutein, yellow pigment), E-322, E-1105.

Also avoid eggs from other birds: turkey, duck, gull, quail …

Small amounts of egg can contaminate cookware and oil previously used in cooking eggs should not be used for patients.



Medicines containing egg proteins

The following medications contain egg protein and should be avoided in patients with egg allergy:

  • Lysozyme

This is an enzyme derived from egg white that has bactericidal activity against anaerobic bacteria (kills bacteria that does not need oxygen to live).

Reactions have been described with Lisocima Chiesi®, Lizipaina®, Trofalgon capsules® and Rinodexa pediatrico® nasal drops.

  • Ovalbumin

Although reactions have not been described, the following products contain egg ovalbumin: Ferroprotina®, Kilor® and Profer®. It is also present in some vaccines incubated in egg.

  • Lecithin

Lecithin may come from egg or soy. The one that comes from egg is not recommended. The anesthetic Propofol contains lecithin (although tolerated in egg-allergic patients who have not had an anaphylactic reaction) and the lipid emulsion used for parenteral nutrition (nasogastric tube to digestive tract) as well.


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