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Atopic dermatitis guidelines

Atopic dermatitis guidelines


Children with atopic dermatitis have very sensitive skin. Therefore, it is desirable to avoid any known triggers.


Bathing children with atopic dermatitis.




Control of itching

It is very important to control itching. When stung, avoid scratching.

To reduce infections of the lesions when scratched, always keep nails short and clean. For this purpose it is very important to file nails every 2 or 3 days.

Antihistamines may be given to help control itching of the skin.

If the child scratches unconsciously, you should try keeping him distracted and entertained with activities and games.

If scratching occurs at night while sleeping, it is sometimes advisable to put cotton mittens on to prevent injury.


Causes that can worsen atopic dermatitis

Identify the specific potential causal factors that can contribute to the worsening of the problem in a particular child, and you should avoid / reduce exposure to these factors:

To do this, we should make timely allergologic exploration.

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