Pollen allergy recommendations



If you are allergic to pollen avoid country trips, gardens and parks during the months of pollination and if possible the direct contact with plants and vegetation.

If a patient has to be exposed to vegetation, they should use preventive treatment one hour before such as antihistamines, or inhaled bronchodilator if you have asthma to exposure to pollen.

When travelling, avoid if possible having your car windows open. Today’s cars often carry pollen filters and therefore the circulation of air inside the car can be adequate. For direct exposure to pollen, it is not advisable to travel by bicycle or motorbike.

You should try to stay indoors during the midday and afternoon hours when the pollen in the atmosphere is higher, especially on sunny and windy days.

You should air the room first thing in the morning. Keep the windows closed at night. It is possible to spray water in the room to deposit pollen particles and avoid inhalation.

Do not forget that the pollen season is later in mountain areas. We recommend spending the holidays in coastal areas.

Remember to carry an inhaler if you are asthmatic and use it if symptoms such as cough or dyspnea (abnormal breathing/respiratory distress) appear.

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